Hyperloop and Rails tutorials

HelloWorld Tutorial

This simple tutorial will teach you the basic of using Components within a Ruby On Rails environment.

Skills covered: Components, Opal syntax, Hyperloop Gem

Chat-App Tutorial

With this tutorial we'll be building a simple but realistic chat application, a basic version of a chat room offered by a service like gitter.im. It will teach how to play with Components, Stores and Operations in a Ruby On Rails application. And you will see how the Push notifications functionnality is easy to use with Hyperloop.

Skills covered: Components, Stores, Operations, Hyperloop Gem, Opal syntax, Push notifications

NPM and Webpack Tutorial

In an Isomorphic Ruby world, we need a good way of including Ruby and JavaScript components so they co-exist and play nicely together. This tutorial will show you how to setup and use NPM and Webpack with Hyperloop.

Skills covered: Hyperloop Gem, NPM, Webpack

Webpacker GEM Tutorial

If you want to set up a Webpack environment co-existing with your Rails application, you can do it as well by installing the Webpacker GEM. In this tutorial you learn how to install it and set up it with Hyperloop.

Skills covered: Hyperloop Gem, Webpacker GEM, Yarn, Webpack

Events planner Tutorial

In this tutorial we will implement a concrete example of an Events planner application: add, edit, delete events into an events database. And above all we will learn and see in action the amazing Isomorphic models and ActiveRecord API functionnality.

Skills covered: Hyperloop Gem, Components, Isomorphic models and ActiveRecord API, Push notifications, Webpacker GEM, Yarn, Webpack

Five letters game Tutorial

In this tutorial we will implement a simple game where 2 users can play synchroniously together. It will mostly showcasing the power of Operations and Push notifications

Skills covered: Hyperloop Gem, Components, Push notifications

Opal Hot Reloader Tutorial

Opal Hot Reloader is for pure programmer joy (not having to reload the page to compile your source) and the Opal Console is incredibly useful to test how Ruby code compiles to JavaScript.

We are also going to add the Foreman gem to run our Rails server and the Hot Reloader service for us.

Skills covered: Opal Hot Reloader GEM, Foreman GEM