Further Reading

Note: The Hyperloop gems have recently been renamed. The links below will take you to the correct Github projects but you might find the name of the project does not quite match the name of the gem on this page. Hyperloop Components were previously known as HyperReact or Reactrb.

Other Hyperloop tutorials and examples

Hyperloop Components are powered by React

Hyperloop Components and friends are in most cases simple DSL Ruby wrappers to the underlying native JavaScript libraries and React Components. It is really important to have a solid grip on how these technologies work to complement your understanding of Hyperloop. Most searches for help on Google will take you to examples written in JSX or ES6 JavaScript but you will learn over time to transalte this to Hyperloop equivalents. To make headway with Hyperloop you do need a solid understanding of the underlying philosophy of React and its component based architecture. The 'Thinking in React' tutorial below is an excellent place to start.

Opal under the covers

Hyperloop Components are a DSL wrapper of React which uses Opal to compile Ruby code to ES5 native JavaScript. If you have not used Opal before then you should at a minimum read the excellent guides as they will teach you enough Opal to get you started with Hyperloop.